API Documentation

Official Pip API Documentation: docs.pip.cash

๐Ÿ‘‹ Introduction

Welcome to the Pip API.

Our mission is to empower developers to optimise how personal information is treated by organisations.

๐Ÿ“Œ General

Server URLs

The Pip API runs at https://api.pip.cash/v1

The Pip Websocket runs at wss://ws.pip.cash/v1

All requests should be prefixed by the server URL.


The Pip API uses standard HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure. 200 represents success, 4xx represents a user error (such as a problem with your key), and 5xx represents a problem with our API.

๐Ÿ›’ PipTX

Cryptocurrency quotes, transaction order matching, and payment confirmation listening for ecommerce. PipTX requires only a single merchant wallet address per coin. Non-custodial. No merchant fees.

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This endpoint provides cryptocurrency quotes for the purpose of transaction order matching in ecommerce against a single merchant wallet address per coin.
Body Parameters
The fiat amount required to convert to a cryptocurrency. Example: 24.95
The wallet address(es) for receiving payment. Example: "btc": "bc1q...rq5d"
The fiat currency for conversion. Defaults to USD. Example: "usd"
Merchant may pass in orderID for internal reference. Example: "WC00321"
200: OK
Quote successfully generated.
"id": "3b37e990-e8b7-11e9-8514-cf0ea8e3b800",
"ticker": "btc",
"amount": 0.00316476,
"currency": "usd"

Request Sample

"amount": 197.99,
"currency": "eur",
"walletAddresses": {
"btc": "bc1q8pwhd6uk956av4ccuv0q44a037s8gqwlhcrq5d",
"veil": "bv1q4nelsag36hplc9yxcka8jt4z9sxxyskvcflhej",
"dgb": "D77SMwXsHxJCBUZzQT9Z57PX1UpSLSegNB"

Response Sample

If there were multiple walletAddresses passed into the query string parameters of the request URL then there will be multiple crypto currency ticker symbols listed with their respective quote.

The id will be used to check payment status or listen to a websocket.

The quote is returned in JSON format.

"id": "d554e280-e8b7-11e9-8514-cf0ea8e3b800",
"ticker": "btc",
"amount": 0.02754057,
"currency": "eur"
"id": "d56b0290-e8b7-11e9-8514-cf0ea8e3b800",
"ticker": "veil",
"amount": 2701.79173319,
"currency": "eur"
"id": "d580d480-e8b7-11e9-8514-cf0ea8e3b800",
"ticker": "dgb",
"amount": 34808.06251703,
"currency": "eur"

๐Ÿ”Œ CheckPayments

Listen on a websocket using the id returned by the quote generation endpoint. The connection will be made using the quote ID from the response. Replace the value of quoteId with the id.

Request Sample

When a connection to the websocket is made, it will look for completed transactions in the last 60 minutes and return the status of true or false.

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Response Sample

There is a job that runs every minute to check for transactions. If one is discovered, and a websocket connection is open, a message will be sent to update the status of the transaction.

Payment unconfirmed

{"status":"unpaid or expired"}

Payment confirmed


๐Ÿ“† Roadmap

If you'd like to arrange integration of another cryptocurrency, please contact PipLabs here.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) integration

  • Veil (VEIL) integration

  • DigiByte (DBG) integration

  • Additional coin integrations

  • Ecommerce developer onboarding

  • Merchant pilot projects (case studies)

  • ๐Ÿงพ PipRX - Automated proof of purchase retrievals in place of email/sms receipts

  • ๐Ÿ“ซ PipDX - Single use shipping address codes readable only by postal service